Receive recurring payments online through Stripe

Publications, services, and even product sellers can count on MightyForms to set up subscription forms to receive recurring payments automatically.

Before you get started, note that for this integration you need to have an active Stripe account with listed products. And note both MightyForms and Stripe take a small percentage fee for each successful card charge as a pay-as-you-go feature.

Step 1. Select your form

Login to your MightyForms dashboard, then:

Get to know more about order forms and how to build them.

Step 2. Add the Stripe Products Field

On the form’s builder dashboard, you can go to the Stripe fields from the menu on the left side of the screen.

You can scroll down the list, or search for the "Stripe Products" field. Select it, then drag & drop it anywhere in your form.

Step 2.1. Connect the Stripe account

Still, on the Builder, select the Stripe Payments field. This field's unique settings will pop-up on the right side of the Builder.

Click on the "Connect Stripe" button to integrate your MightyForms form with your Stripe account.

You'll be redirected to the authorization tab.

You can either create a Stripe account by filling in your business details or sign in to an existing account to confirm the integration with MightyForms.

After authorization, you should select which Account you want to connect to your form and then click the "Connect my Stripe Account" button.

Once you confirm the connection with the Stripe account you'll be automatically redirected back to the MightyForms Builder.

Step 3. Add an Email field to create a customer account

Once your Stripe account is connected, make sure you have an email field in your form.

The email your customers submit will be used to create their customer account with your business.

Step 4. Add products from your Stripe inventory to sell them via the Form

Select Price Type to be “Recurring”.

For one-time payments, see Stripe Products - One-time.

See How to create products and prices if you do not already have products set up.

In section "Product" you can pick specific products and their prices, as they are available in your Stripe account. Select each Product + Price pair and click "Add Item".

Since using multiple products with a subscription results in a single invoice and payment, all of the prices for those products must use the same currency and have the same billing interval. You are also limited to 20 products in a single subscription.

If you need to make updates to your products in Stripe click "Refresh items" to force synchronization again.

Step 5. Set limits to products

On the right side of the builder, you can additionally Check off “Limit quantity” if you wish to allow users to purchase multiple quantities. Or limit how many products can be bought per one submission.

Step 6. Organize layout and test your form

Customize a product card look, the layout of products' output - list or table, and info to be displayed

Check out some of our examples:

And you can preview the look of your Stripe fields by clicking "Preview" anytime.

Step 7. Stripe field Settings

Choose to hide the field in case the payment is optional. Make it required or not required in case purchase is mandatory. Show or hide the label and customize the text as you see fit.

Under Advanced you can allow users to purchase multiple products (Multiple Choice is "ON"), randomize products (Randomize is "ON"), or add a tooltip text.

Step 8. Share your Form

So, you're ready to go live! Share the link, embed a field in an email, or embed your form directly on your website.

Step 9. Provide your subscribers with a link to their personal Customer portal to let them control subscriptions, payment methods, addresses, etc.

You can create a customer account after each submission: Create customer accounts in Stripe after payments through a Form.

Each time someone buys your subscription we're providing a specific link to Stripe Customers Portal, so, your customers are able to manage their subscriptions by themselves, easily.

The list of editable options you want to provide your subscribers with - should be set up in your Stripe account:

Configure your Customer Portal with a few clicks and Save.

To provide your customers with a link you just need to set up a notification to the customer and include a shortcode "Customer Portal URL" or "Add All" to its' body. Read all about Autoresponder.

And, that's all. Following their custom links to their Portals, your customers will see a simple to use page with a list of options they can change with their subscriptions.

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