Whether you want your user to get an automatic 'Welcome' confirmation e-mail or to instantly notify yourself and your team of a new lead, the Autoresponder lets you easily create customized notifications for all your needs.

First, you need to be logged into your MightyForms App

1. Select form

You can create a new form, or select an existing form from your dashboard.

2. Go to Settings

Once you've selected the form you want to add an automatic notification to, click on 'Settings'.

3. Add New Notification

The notifications are the very first tab, simply click 'Add New Notification'.

4. Give your Notification a Name and Edit

A pop-up form will appear, you'll need to fill it out with all the details of your specific notification. 

For the 'From' section, that will appear for the user as the sender, you can use a company email or MightyForms's 'no-reply' email.

The 'To' section depends on who you're making the notification for. If it's for you or your team, simply add their emails manually. If it's for the user who submits your form, you need to first make sure you ask for their e-mail with an Input Field that is specific for an email address, then select that field from the dropdown.

There are tooltips that you can hover your mouse over to read more about what each section is about.
Once you are done, click 'Add Notification'.


  • Include personalized data from the form submission into your message by selecting it with the 'Add Field' tool as you type in your message.
  • Whether you created a form from PDF or not, you can check the box marked 'Submission as a PDF' and the data submitted in your form will be sent to you in PDF format. 
  • If you did create your form from a PDF, you can check the box marked 'Attach Filled PDF' to receive the PDF form with the submitted data filled in. (Temporarily Unavailable)

Once you click 'Add New Notification', your notification is live and active. If you ever change your mind about your notification, you can always go to your form's Settings>Notifications and deactivate (i.e. pause), edit or delete your notification:

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