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Allowing users to add coupons is now easier than ever! Celebrate every special season of the year with a sale or give regular discounts for new customers. Creating a payment web form that accepts coupons is incredibly easy.

To enable Stripe coupons for your forms you first need to have an active Stripe account

Then you need to add a Stripe field in your web form. Check out our overview of options to choose the Stripe field and settings that work best for your business: How to Collect Payments

Enable Stripe Coupon Field

Once your Stripe field is set up, simply select the field so you can edit its Settings.

Under 'Product Settings' check the box “Add coupon field” to be “On”.

That's it!

Bonus: How to Add Coupons in Stripe

Stripe makes it pretty easy for you to create and manage coupon codes for your business.

1. Log into your Stripe Account

Sign in to your Stripe dashboard, then head over to Products > Coupons.

Or, if you're already signed in, simply go to

2. Click 'New' and name your new coupon

On the top right corner of the page, you can find the option to create a new coupon code.

The coupon name does appear on customers' receipts and invoices, so be sure to make it memorable.

3. Coupon ID and Type

Next, you need to fill in the Coupon ID.

While it shows up as optional, this is the coupon code that the customer will have to enter exactly to apply the coupon to their payment(s) or subscription. It's important that you fill it in to make sure it works for your site visitors.

4. Percentage discount or Fixed amount

When setting up your campaign messaging, you'll probably need to decide whether the special offer is:

A percentage off:

A fixed amount off:

And if it's for specific or seasonal products only:

5. Determine the coupon duration

Stripe allows your coupon code to last forever (that is, for recurring payments), only once, or for a set number of months.

You can also set redemption limits. Such as a date range for the last minute a user can redeem a coupon, and the total number of times the coupon can be redeemed.

If needed, you can create customized customer-facing coupon codes

Important: We love to help you set your online forms. If you need help with this integration and making your forms beautiful and powerful, send your questions via our Live Chat. But if you need help specifically with your Stripe account, then they are more equipped to help you on that front, simply contact them at
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