Receive custom donation values from your donors, patrons, or sponsors

Easily allow your donors, patrons, or sponsors to select a custom donation value for them to send you. All you need is to set up the Stripe Calculator field and a Number field on MightyForms.

Before you get started, note that for this integration you need to have an active Stripe account with listed products. And note both MightyForms and Stripe take a small percentage fee for each successful card charge as a pay-as-you-go feature.

Step 1. Select your form

Login to your MightyForms dashboard, then:

Get to know more about order forms and how to build them.

Step 2. Add the Stripe Calculator Field

On the form’s builder dashboard, you can go to the Stripe fields from the menu on the left side of the screen.

You can scroll down the list, or search for the "Stripe Calculator" field. Select it, then drag & drop it anywhere in your form.

Step 2.1.Connect the Stripe account

Still, on the Builder, select the Stripe Payments field. This field's unique settings will pop-up on the right side of the Builder.

Click on the "Connect Stripe" button to integrate your MightyForms form with your Stripe account.

You'll be redirected to the authorization tab.

You can either create a Stripe account by filling in your business details or sign in to an existing account to confirm the integration with MightyForms.

After authorization, you should select which Account you want to connect to your form and then click the "Connect my Stripe Account" button.

Once you confirm the connection with the Stripe account you'll be automatically redirected back to the MightyForms Builder.

Step 3. Add a Number field

Select, drag & drop the Number field anywhere in your form.

Make sure to edit the field's label (the question) to make it easy for your donor to know how to fill this field. In the field's settings, you can also add a tooltip and placeholder to further help, and make the field required to make sure this section is filled in.

Step 4. Stripe field Settings

Select the Strip Calculator field to open its settings.

Under "Custom Donation Amount" make sure you select the Label of the number field where your donor will input their donation amount.

While still in the Stripe field settings, you can edit the currency for the donation value. Choose to hide the field in case the payment is optional. Make it required or not required whether or not the purchase is mandatory. Show or hide the label and customize the text as you see fit.

Under Advanced you can add a tooltip text.

Step 5. Test and Preview your form

Preview the look of your Stripe fields by clicking "Preview" anytime.

Pro Tips: During setup, you can test your form in preview mode using Stripe Testing Cards.

Step 6. Share your Form

So, you're ready to go with the live form! Share the link, embed a field in an email, or embed your form directly on your website.

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