How can you Collect Payments with Stripe?

Looking to set up payment forms with Stripe?

Create versatile payment forms and make the most of the form fields: Stripe Products, Stripe Calculator, and Stripe Fixed Products.

MightyForms offers you a ton of options, and it's available for ALL our users for a small fee of 1% per transaction. You need to have a Stripe account set up already, either with their integrated plan (2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge) or a customized plan.

Only one Stripe field can be added per web form. Keep reading to see which setup works best for you.

1.A. Stripe Products - One-time payments

This is the first Stripe field in the MightyForms builder toolbox.

It connects your web form with your Stripe Products, so you can use Stripe’s internal stock tracking, price variations, invoicing and so much more while creating easy to use payment forms with MightyForms.

Set up Stripe Products - One time

1.B. Stripe Products - Recurring payments with Customer portal

This is the same first Stripe field.

The difference here is that you can use this same field to manage your subscription business. Your customers can submit their information and authorize recurring payments for your services. You will be able to provide each subscriber where they can control their subscriptions, payment methods, billing address, etc.

Set up Stripe Products - Recurring

2.A Stripe Calculator - calculate and quote customers in real-time

This is the second field in the Stripe field list.

This field makes it automatic for your customers to calculate the purchase price from any MightyForms field input or option weight. For advanced quotations, you can use the Logic rules calculator.

Set up Stripe Calculator - Dynamic quotes

2.B Stripe Calculator - allow respondents to donate a custom value

This is the second field in the Stripe field list.

If you want to receive donations from donors, patrons, or sponsors, you can set up your form so they can input a custom amount to donate.

Set up Stripe Calculator - Custom donations

3. Stripe Fixed Price

This is the third Stripe field you can find.

This straightforward field simply connects your form to your Stripe account so you can begin collecting payments online.

Set up Stripe Fixed Price

4. Enable Stripe Coupons

Do you offer special discounts to your customers? Enable Stripe Coupons to your forms so your customers can get their special deals in one spot!

Set up Stripe Coupons

5. Record customer details to Stripe customer overview

Interested in recording user details into Stripe? Set up a simple Form-to-Stripe mapping so that data is recorded straight from the Form submission.

Read about Form-to-Stripe mapping

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