How do I customize the SENDER Email for Notifications?

MightyForms makes it super easy for you to create custom messages that you can send after every form submission, form abandonment, or even updated. Simply Set up Notifications: Email & SMS.

For best chances of deliverability, we recommend you set the SENDER email as [email protected], like the example below:

If you prefer to have the email notifications sent by an email within your organization, you can improve deliverability by verifying your custom domain DKIM.

   1. Type your name under "SENDER email"

Select your email from the dropdown or type it in. Then click 'Verify your custom domain'.

   2. Type in your domain and click 'Authenticate'

Make sure your domain URL is typed in correctly, then click 'Authenticate'.

   3. Add DKIM record values

Copy the DKIM record values.

Then access your domain's DNS records and add the values.

Once that's done, check the box "I've added these records" and click Verify.

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