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Here is a quick installation guide and manual for WordPress form builder plugin.

Step 1. Install the latest MightyForms WordPress plugin

Find MightyForms Plugin in WP Plugins Directory or Download Plugin.

Install MightyForms Plugin for WP

Confirm Installation in pop-up

Step 2. Activate Plugin.

Activate WP Plugin

Step 3. Sign up

Sign Up

Step 4. Create your first form

Start New Form

Create From Scratch or Use Template

Example of Template Selection Process

Make all Settings you might need in Builder

Customize Form Output with Design Tab


Step 5. Add form using MightyForms block or copy&paste shortcode of the form to any page/post

5.1 Copy&paste code of the form to any page/post

Obtain a code in Share Menu

Add as a simple HTML code block

5.2 Add form using MightyForms block

Select needed form via the list in MightyForms Widget

To see all your forms - navigate to Plugins > MightyForms > My Forms.

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