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Add your logo, a product image, or just add a visual break for your respondents by adding the Image field.

1. Select your form

To add a Image Field to a form you need to login to MightyForms App, then:

Select an existing form from your dashboard
Create a new form from scratch
Select one of the Templates
or Transfer an existing Form

2. Drag & Drop the Image Field

You’ll find the Image Field in the builder’s Toolbox. You can click on the + sign to simply add it to the bottom of your form. Or you can select, drag & drop the field anywhere you like in your form.

3. Edit the Image Field

Make sure the Image Field you’ve added to your form is selected so that its unique Settings options show on the right corner of your Builder's dashboard.

Basic Settings

Status: Choose if you want this field be visible to users, or be invisible to users.
Image Source: Choose if you want to just include a direct link to your image online, or upload it from your device.

Paste Image URL: To be sure that you have your image's URL, you can visit the webpage where it is published, right-click it and select "Copy image address". Then paste that address URL in the Image field Settings.
Upload New Image: Select an image from your device.

Resize and move the field in the builder tab to set where your image or logo is shown. Here's an example:

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