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Adding a personalized message to your responders is a simple, yet effective way of thanking them for taking the time to fill out your form. This can be a personalized pop-up text, an eye-catching image, or an embedded video.

Thank you messages are so important that we even created some Thank-you message examples.

To add a message after each submission is easy-peasy. Just follow the next steps:

The first thing you need to do is log in to your MightyForms app.

1. Select form

Once you are logged in, you can:

Select an existing form from your dashboard
Create a new form from scratch
Select one of the Templates
or Transfer an existing Form.

2. Go to Settings

On your form builder, select Settings on the menu on the left side of the screen.

3. Navigate to Success

The Success Page Settings is the first Settings option on the screen

4. Activate your message

To activate and start editing your success message, switch it on:

5. Write your message

Use the tools in the Message Box below to write your message however you like. Add links, use custom colors, custom HTML text, etc. Add your business brand to the message, personalizing it as needed.

You can even use the dropdown menu 'Choose form fields' to select and add a:
Resume Link
Stripe information, like Payment ID or Total Price
The option to Submit again
Data submitted from your form

This way you can automatically personalize the message for each new customer:

6. Add an Image to your Success Message

Adding an image to your form's same page success message is incredibly easy. Click on the "Insert/edit image".

Then, paste the URL to an already uploaded image. You can add an Alternative description, and determine a specific width and height. Then click 'Save'.

There you have it! 

6. 1. Embed videos, images, gifs, etc.

Want to mix things up? You can add the embed code of your own videos, images, style, and more, by clicking on the embed icon and pasting the embed code in the Source Code pop up:

Paste the embed code of the video or other visual media.

Here's how you can get the embed code from a YouTube video, and here's how you can get the embed code of a Vimeo video

Click Save:

Don't worry, your video or image will appear in full size on your success message page.

7. Save your message

Scroll down and click save to publish your success message. Success!

Prefer to send an email or SMS instead? Set up the Autoresponder. And if you have any questions, feel free to chat with us.
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