Shopify Integration

Connecting MightyForms and Shopify has never been easier. Here is a guide on how to do this.

Step 1. Install MightyForms

Head over to Shopify's Marketplace and install MightyForms extension.

Step 2. Sign up or Log in

A guest account will be auto-generated if you are not already logged in. You can then login to an existing account or Signup for a new account.

Now you can Create or Update your online forms:

MightyForms inside Shopify

Step 3. Copy the Embed Code

Once your form is ready, go ahead and click Share and copy the Embed code.

Step 4. Edit the HTML on a Shopify Page

In Shopify, go to Online Store > Pages and Add or Edit an existing page. Click < > icon to edit HTML.

Step 5. Paste the form's Embed code

Paste your embed code where applicable.

Step 6. Save the Page and View Online!

To add a form to products:

Step 1. Go to Online Store > Themes > Current Theme > Customize
Step 2. Click 'Customize'

Step 3. Go to Theme Actions > Edit Code

Step 4. Open the appropriate HTML file
Step 5. Paste the app's code into your desired location

Step 6. Click Save.
Step 7. Click Preview to see your app on your site.

Creating a Customer from Form Submission.

Step 1. Go to your form that you wish to create a Shopify customer from
Step 2. Click the Integrations icon on the Form Options toolbar on the left side.
Step 3. Find your existing Shopify store listed under the Integrations.

Step 4. Set up the fields mapping with Shopify internal customer fields (left side) and your form (right side). Don't forget to hit "Save".

Step 5. Test by submitting the form and checking Shopify for new customer creation.
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