How to Delete or Unpublish a form?

How to Delete a Form

MightyForms makes it very easy to delete an online form once you've decided to do so. You can delete a form, from your MightyForms dashboard, by clicking on the "..." symbol of the form, and selecting Delete.

NOTE: Once a form is deleted all data in and submitted to that form, cannot be recovered in any way. Please be sure the form is no longer necessary and that the submissions you'd like to keep for your records have been exported safely or already saved via an integration.

How to Unpublish a Form

1.Select the form you want to delete

First step is to select the form you would like to delete from your MightyForms dashboard.

2. Click 'Share'

3. Select 'Unpublish

As an added security measure, you'll be asked to confirm if you want to unpublish, hit 'OK'.

4. Confirmation message

Now your form is unpublished and you'll see a confirmation message. You can always choose to re-publish your form later.

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