Set up Google Analytics tracking in an online form

Track universal data around your online form with Google Analytics.

If you already use Google Analytics to track your website's performance, you'll want to add your online form's universal data. 

MightyForms can also easily connect your data with Google's Data Studio, and Google Tag Manager.

You can sign up to Google Analytics here.

You can either have your form data merge with an existing Analytics property or you will need to create a new Analytics Property and add your form's URL in the Website URL section.

We'll go step-by-step in integrating your form with a new Analytics Property.

1. Go to your MightyForms profile

On the upper-righthand corner, you can find your profile icon, click it to show the dropdown menu. Select 'Profile'.

2. Get your unique Username URL

You can find your shared username under 'Details'.

Your username is automatically created based on your email, but you can choose to customize it by clicking 'Change'.

Your custom Username URL will always be: {username}

IMPORTANT: MightyForms allows you to create a custom URL for your account and for your form. Make sure you have the most updated URL to add to your Google Analytics account.

3. Create New Property

Sign in to your Google Analytics Account.
Click on the 'Admin' button on the lower-left corner.

Click on '+Create Property

4. Set up Analytics Property

Google Analytics can be very intuitive. The first step you select what you want to measure, as in, where your form will be used.

Then you add details about your form and your business.

In the Website URL field,  add your unique Username URL.

5. Get Tracking Code

Once your Property is created, select the Property you create in Admin. 

Go to Tracking Info, then Tracking Code:

Copy the Tracking ID and head over to your MightyForms Dashboard.

6. Select a Form in MightyForms

Either select an existing form from your dashboard or you can:

7. Go to Settings

On the sidebar toolbox, you'll see the Settings button. 

8. Go to Advanced Settings

Scroll down to Advanced Settings and paste your Google Analytics Tracking ID.

Paste your Google Analytics ID and Update your form.

That's it! Now your form is connected to Google Analytics. You'll be able to track universal data from your online form straight in your Google Analytics reports.

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