Pipedrive integration

Connect with Pipedrive and create Organizations, Persons, Activities, and Deals each time someone submits your Form. As connected to each other or separate.

Learn more at Pipedrive Marketplace.

Step 1. Select your form

Login to your MightyForms dashboard, then:

Step 2. Authorize MightyForms to receive from and record data in your Pipedrive account.

To initiate the connection between MightyForms, navigate either to the integrations section of a specific form or to the "My Apps" section in the User menu.

Find "Pipedrive" in the dropdown and click 'Add'

You'll see a modal window where you should confirm the connection with you Pipedrive credentials.

After authorization click "Continue to the App".

Done, the connection between your MightyForms and Pipedrive Accounts is at the place.

If for some reason, you'll need to disconnect accounts, you can always manage it in your Profile >> My Apps.

Step 3. Setup mapping between particular Form fields and Pipedrive entities you're planning to create.

If Form's integrations select earlier connected Pipedrive integration and click "Add"

After this action, you'll be able to specify settings for a particular form.

Set up how your data from the Form submission should be recorded to the Pipedrive:

We have different types of field filling:

  1. Dropdowns that show your existing options in Pipedrive like options for Owner, Visible to, Currency, Contact person Deal Stage, Organization fields. Organization and Contact person could also have a specific option called "Create new and connect after submission" - it means that you can create Organization, Person, Deal, and Activity and have them connected within the same Form submission.
  2. Dropdowns that allow you to select the Form field of a specific field-type, like File, Phone, Email.
  3. Inputs where you can either type a static text or call a form field using # to fill these fields with dynamic data from Form submissions. It works for such kinds of fields as - Names, Subjects, Values, etc and coming in short instructions to the fields.

When all ready - just Save settings and test your form. Make a new submission and find new entities in your Pipedrive in a couple of minutes after that.

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