How to export all submissions and data?

Download all of your results into one neat CSV file or Printed PDFs with one click!

Especially for surveys and polls, you might find yourself wanting to get all of your detailed submissions in one place. While you can do this automatically by integrating your form with Google Sheets, you can also:

  • export your submissions into one CSV file.
  • download submissions as PDF files

1.Select the Form and Navigate to Submissions

Once you are logged into the MightyForms app, you'll be able to see the all-time View count and Submission count of your forms. Select an existing form from your dashboard.

You'll land on the Builder tab, make sure you select the Submissions tab, where you you'll see the tabs for Results, Reports and Analytics.

2. Select the date period range

Make sure you've selected a period date range that includes the submissions you want to export.

Export to CSV: Click 'Export to CSV'**

You can select all of the submissions by checking the first box above the submissions.

You'll see the 'Export to CSV' button, click it. 

Once you've clicked the 'Export' button, all your submissions will be downloaded to your device as a CSV file, the columns are titled after the questions in your form. 

Download as PDF: Click Print/PDF Selected

Prefer to save your submissions as PDF? Simply select the submissions you would like to download and click "Print/PDF Selected".

Even better: make this process automatic when setting up the Autoresponder. You can attach a PDF copy of submissions to your notifications by checking the box "Submission as a PDF"

Note: All of your results are still available in your form's dashboard after you export them. So if you would like to also delete all submissions after exporting, select all submissions by checking the first checkbox on the left of your results, then click 'Delete Selected'. A pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm if you want to delete the selected items, click OK to delete them. Once this action is completed, all selected data is permanently deleted.

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