CCPA Compliance

Californian or not, you probably have clients (or soon will have) from the Golden State. Thinking on that, MightyForms helps you to make sure your business is CCPA compliant.

IMPORTANT: This article contains general information only and should not be treated as legal advice. We strongly recommend you consult directly with legal counsel to make sure your website complies with CCPA regulations and your specific use of MightyForms. Consult the official legal text here.

What is CCPA?

CCPA stands for California Consumer Privacy Act, a California State law from 2018 that gives Californian consumers more control over the information that businesses collect about them. From this act, consumers can learn how businesses use and share their personal information and can opt-out and delete collected data.
All businesses must make it clear how they keep client’s privacy.

Why is CCPA compliance important?

If on one side the CCPA makes it harder to get consumers’ information, on the other hand, businesses will collect more precise data. This allows you to rethink your marketing strategy and improve your content with better segmentation.
Not only to improve your marketing strategy though. Being CCPA compliant helps your business to gain the trust of the prospects since they now know that their personal information is granted a high-level security system.

How do I create CCPA compliant forms?

When you create your online forms with MightyForms, you can rest assured that a big part of your compliance is done since all forms are encrypted by default. Just remember that all data collected by your forms are under your responsibility. Be wise and rightful when using consumer’s data. And keep your privacy policy updated.
MightyForms takes data security very seriously and we will never share any data without previous consent.

How secure is my data with MightyForms?

MightyForms makes sure data is secure and only accessible to those with proper authorization by using end-to-end SSL data encryption and is hosted safely in Amazon Web Services (AWS). On top of that, all of our databases are 256-AES encrypted, we have strict access control policies, routinely check servers and the app for security bugs and breaches. Read more about MightyForms secure online forms.

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