LGPD Compliance: How to create LGPD compliant forms

Data privacy and data security are treated with the utmost importance in MightyForms. With automatic anti-spam, SSL end-to-end encryption, routine server and app security checks, and more, we want to offer the best data security for our users and their online forms. MightyForms is LGPD compliant and we want to help our users also be LGPD compliant, here's what you need to know.

IMPORTANT: This article contains general information only and should not be treated as legal advice. We strongly recommend you consult directly with legal counsel to make sure your website complies with LGPD regulations and your specific use of MightyForms. Consult the official legal text here (in Portuguese).

What is LGPD?

The Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (or LGPD - Brazilian General Data Protection Law) is Brazil's federal data privacy law that has been in effect since September 18th, 2020. It governs all personal data processing within the country - and even outside it. Much like the European Union's GDPR, LGPD applies to any business that processes the data of its citizen, regardless of where that business is based it.

How is MightyForms LGPD compliant?

MightyForms employs multiple high-quality data security measures to protect your data and your privacy. From our automatic data encryption to secure physical servers, we make sure our users are creating secure online forms.

Much like other data protection laws, you have full control over the information you share with us. We will only access your data with your permission and we will only use the data needed to perform our services, as is specified in our Privacy Policy. As a user, you have the Right to be Forgotten, the right to Access your data, and the right to know how we use your data.

We also have appoint a data protection officer (DPO) to whom you can contact with questions or complaints regarding your privacy rights:
Bogdan Glushko
[email protected]

How do I create LGPD-compliant forms?

When you create your online forms with MightyForms, you can rest assured that a big part of your compliance is done since all forms are encrypted by default.
Yet, you must remember that all data collected through your forms belongs to you. Therefore, make it clear for your respondents and customers how their information is going to be processed and stored, and why you need their data for.
MightyForms takes data security very seriously and we will never share any data without previous consent.

Why is being LGPD compliant important?

LGPD aims to give the consumer more control over their data and more access to data protection, so users now need to give clear consent for a business to collect their information. Businesses also need to be fully transparent as to why they need the users’ data and how they use it.

LGPD applies to businesses in and outside of Brazil's borders that processes personal data of its citizens. Unlike other data security laws, LGPD applies to businesses of any size and the consequences of non-compliance are just as severe, with fines that can reach 50 million Brazilian Reais (roughly 9 million US dollars or 8 million Euros).

How secure is my data with MightyForms?

MightyForms makes sure data is secure and only accessible to those with proper authorization by using end-to-end SSL data encryption and is hosted safely in Amazon Web Services (AWS). On top of that, all of our databases are 256-AES encrypted, we have strict access control policies, routinely check servers and the app for security bugs and breaches. Read more about MightyForms secure online forms.

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