HIPAA Compliance

MightyForms helps you to create forms that are HIPAA compliant, whether you are located or do business in the US.

IMPORTANT: This article contains general information only and should not be treated as legal advice. We strongly recommend you consult directly with legal counsel to make sure your website complies with HIPAA regulations and your specific use of MightyForms. Consult the official legal text here.

What is HIPAA

The US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, aka HIPAA, is a federal statute that standardizes how to protect sensitive data about health patients, so any information can't be disclosed without the patient's consent or knowledge.

Why is HIPAA compliance important?

The importance of HIPAA lies in the fact that it has national standards on how entities must implement security methods in order to keep personal and health information about patients safe and private. A HIPAA compliant business follows such norms and law, and also guarantees to their users’ tranquility and assurance that any sensitive information about them will not be disclosed without their consent.

How do I create HIPAA-compliant forms?

When you create your online forms with MightyForms, you can rest assured that a big part of your compliance is done since all forms are encrypted by default. But you must remember that every time you create a new form, you become solely responsible for all data collected through your forms.So, if you are a respondent that responded to a form created with MightyForms and you want to request access to the answers you submitted, you have to contact the creator of that form.
HIPAA-compliant forms with added security and a BAA agreement can be requested by Enterprise users.

How secure is my data with MightyForms?

MightyForms makes sure data is secure and only accessible to those with proper authorization by using end-to-end SSL data encryption and is hosted safely in Amazon Web Services (AWS). On top of that, all of our databases are 256-AES encrypted, we have strict access control policies, routinely check servers and the app for security bugs and breaches. Read more about MightyForms secure online forms.

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