Terms & Conditions field: How to Set up

MightyForms takes online form security very seriously. There are multiple data protection laws in place that require you to make sure your respondents agree and consent to how you will use their data. This is where the Terms & Conditions field comes in.

1. Select your form

To add a Terms & Conditions Field to a form you need to login to MightyForms App, then:

2. Drag & Drop the Terms & Conditions Field

You’ll find the  Terms & Conditions Field in the builder’s Element toolbox. You can click on the + sign to simply add it to the bottom of your form. Or you can select, drag & drop the field anywhere you like in your form.

3. Edit the Terms & Conditions Field

Make sure the Terms & Conditions Field you’ve added to your form is  selected so that its unique Settings options show on the right corner of your Builder's dashboard.

Here you can edit:

  • Status: Choose if you want this field to be visible to users or be invisible to users.
  • Show label: Check this box if you want your field label to show.
  • Label: Describe the what the content of the field means (Customer ID, Ticket ID, Order Number, etc.).

Plus Advanced Settings, that include:

Show terms description: You can always copy & paste you full Terms of Use or Privacy Policy in this field, but if you just want to have the links to those policies, then you can switch this option to OFF.
Terms description: Here is where you can paste your policies in full. Please note that there is no Rich Text in this field.
Agreement text: This is the text that appears for all users and stands in to make sure that you have their agreement and consent. This can be edited using HTML. Here's the current placeholder:

I agree to the <a href="http://google.co" target="_blank">terms and conditions</a>

You can edit this completely. To add your own policy's URLs, simply replace http://google.co with the link to your policy.

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