Schedule Field: How to Set Up & Use

The schedule field sets your availability and events directly to Google Calendar.

1. Select your form

To add a Schedule Field to a form you need to login to MightyForms App, then:

2. Drag & Drop the Schedule Field

You’ll find the  Schedule Field in the builder’s Toolbox. You can click on the "+" sign to simply add it to the bottom of your form. Or you can select, drag & drop the field anywhere you like in your form.
Drag and Drop Schedule Field

3. Edit the Schedule Field

Make sure the Schedule Field you’ve added to the form is selected so that its unique Settings are shown on the right corner of your builder.
Select Schedule field

  • Status: Editable - can be edited by form users, Hidden - invisible to users.
  • Required: Check this box so that your user can't submit the form before filling this field.
  • Label: Names the Schedule field, tells which information is required from the user. For example: When are you available for the next meeting?
  • Show label: Check this box if you want the field label to be visible or hidden.
  • Interval(min): Sets the duration of an event in Google Calendar. For example, Interval equals 30 minutes, and meeting at 10 am is booked, then in Google Calendar, you will get a meeting booked from 10:00 AM till 10:30 AM.

4. Connect Schedule Field with Google Account

To connect Schedule Field to Google Calendar press the "Connect Calendar" button, in the Schedule Field Settings.
Connect Google Calendar
On the next screen choose "Connect Account". If you connected any accounts to the Schedule field earlier, just choose the account which has to be connected.
Select account
Next, you will be redirected to the Google Account authorization page. Again, choose an account that has to be connected to Schedule Field.
Choose Gmail account
Give MightyForms permission to access your Google Account by clicking 'Allow'.
Allow access
Congratulations! Now the Schedule Field is connected to Google Account. In order to make it useful, we have to set up a specific calendar in Google Account to receive events, set up specific times and days when you are available for meetings.

5. Set Up Schedule

Click "Setup Schedule", in the field Settings. This option is available only if Schedule Field is already connected to Google Account, in our case it was done on step 4.
Setup Schedule
On next screen:

  1. Choose Calendar from your Google Account where events have to be saved.
  2. Choose Event title, it will appear in your Google Calendar as the event name. You can either type event title right here, or add dynamic fields from the form by typing "#".
  3. Add Event Description. You can either type your description right here or add dynamic fields from the form by typing "#".
  4. Add guests. Type email or select email-type field from current form.

Choose calendar
Stay at the same window and scroll down to set up dates and times available for events.

  1. Choose days. Simply check the box next to Days of the week on which you would like users to appoint meetings.
  2. Set up time when you are available for meetings. To add a new period of time hit "+". To remove the time hit "X" next to the time you want to delete.

Period of time added will be divided into Intervals in minutes. Intervals were seted on step 3.
For example: Period of time is from 10:00 AM till 11:00 AM, and Interval equals 15 minutes, users will be available to book meetings:
from 10:00 till 10:15, from 10:15 till 10:30, from 10:30 till 10:45, from 10:45 till 11:00

   3. Click "Save".

Set time and dates available for meetings or events
Congratulations! Now the schedule field is ready to create events in Google Calendar according to your plans.
How users will see the schedule field

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