How to create a form with duplicate steps

Duplicate Step is used to create a similar type of field within a form. Your users can add a copy of the field if needed.

Registering several people for an event or adding multiple goods in a purchase order form is the most common use cases for this feature.

1. Select the form

You can change an existing form into steps, create the conversational form from scratch, or use a template.

So log into your MightyForms app, then:

2. Split your form into steps

To add steps into the form follow this guide.

3. Enable Duplicate Step option

The form builder will show you the Duplicate step option at the bottom of the step. In case you want to have that added, simply check the box next to the Duplicate step, now the option is activated!
Enable duplicate step
Now, during the form filling, users can add as many copies of the step as needed, by pressing the "Duplicate Step" button:
Duplicate step button

4. Which fields can not be duplicated

There are some limitations on fields that can be used in a duplicated step:
Payment fields are not allowed in duplicate step
Payment fields
Schedule field is not allowed in duplicate step
Schedule field
Design fields (red group of the list) are not allowed in duplicate step
Design fields

5. Where forms with duplicate steps can be saved

Form submissions with duplicate step option can be sent to email, saved as PDF, CSV, submission table in the MightyForms dashboard. Also, Google Sheets integration supported.

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