Review and Approve submission workflows

Do you need to review form submission or approve uploaded documents? MightyForms makes it easy for you to access your form’s submissions and edit the information, and send a notification after you edit the answer.

With this option, you can edit hidden fields, like the email address field, so you can redirect submissions to a new person or team (like when you set up logic rules so submissions can go to the right email depending on the answer given).

To review and approve submission you need first to be logged into your MightyForms App.

1. Select a form

Once there, you can:

2. Go to Submissions

On your form’s dashboard, go to the Submissions tab

There you can find all submitted data and information about your form.

3. Define the time range

Choose the period you want to see your form’s submissions. Select the year, month, and day at the dropdown menu.

4. Review, Edit, and Approve submissions

Click at the Edition bottom so you can access the form’s answers.

After you complete the review, you can save it.

5. Set up Notification

Send a Notification after an Update, to make sure all parts are aware of any change on the form.

Go to the Notification tab.

Add all the information about the Notification and select in which case it must be sent:

This action is so you can improve your business workflows, managing the submissions and redirecting to the parts that are part of the process.
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