How to Calculate NPS® score

The benefit of measuring your company's Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) overtime is that you always have an idea of how well your business is doing from the point of view that brings in your profit: the client's.

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To make it easy for your to calculate your NPS, MightyForms includes a section in your Submissions > Reports tab where you can visualize this data.

Here's the step-by-step to view your NPS:

1. Select your form

Login to MightyForms App, then:

2. Drag & Drop the Score Field

You’ll find the  Score Field in the builder’s Toolbox. You can click on the + sign to simply add it to the bottom of your form. Or you can select, drag & drop the field anywhere you like in your form.

Learn more about the Score Field and how to edit it.

3. Go to Submissions

After you select a form, the app will open directly in the Builder tab. Select the Submissions tab.

Now you can see your form data broken down into 3 categories: Results, Reports, and Analytics. We'll detail each one, but first-

4. Set date parameters

Make sure that the data displayed is within the period of time that you want to check.

MightyForms automatically sets the period to the last 7 days, so if your form didn't get views or submissions in the last week you may not see any data.

Select the dropdown over at Choose a period to select a date range.

You'll always be able to see the following data for the period of time you choose:

  • Total Views: Number of times your form has been seen.
  • Total Results: Number of times a new user has submitted your form.
  • Completion Rate: Percentage of the times that the form has been submitted after it has been viewed.
  • Average time to Complete: Average amount of time it took for your users to completely fill out your form.

5. Go to Reports and select NPS

Click on the Reports tab. You'll be able to see your data broken into percentages.

Then select the NPS tab to view your score. Here's an example:

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