Enable Save & Resume for your users

By enabling the Save & Resume functionality you can make sure that users can go back to your form anytime by providing them the option to finish their submission later. It makes sure that any data they've already added is still available.

The Save & Resume is great to give your users the flexibility to save their progress for later, but it also helps to reduce form abandonment rate

The first thing you need to do is log in to your MightyForms app.

1. Select form

Once you are logged into the MightyForms app, you can:

2. Enable Save & Resume

The form builder will show you the Save & Resume option at the bottom of the form being created in case you want to have that added. Simply check the box next to Save & Resume, and that's it! It's activated.

How does Save & Resume work?

Once Save & Resume is activated, your users will always be given the option to Save & Resume before Submitting the form.

Once they click on that, they can either copy their unique link and paste it to any note keeping location of their choice in order to resume the form later, or send the link to their email address, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp.

MightyForms will then keep any information given and transfer the progress to be resumed and submitted later, from any device, whenever users select to do to.

Protip: Send the resume link to users that abandoned your form.

Easily recapture lost leads or online shoppers that abandoned your form before submitting. Simply create a custom notification (Email or SMS) to be sent to Abandoned Forms with the Resume link.

Tick Form Abandoned as the 'Send if' condition and make sure to add 'Resume Link' to your reminder message.

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