How to Embed a Choice Field in an Email

If you’re looking for a smart way to reach your audience and get them to reply to your form, then MightyForms’s new feature will grab their attention.

When creating your form, you can select a choice field from the builder’s menu to be embedded in an email message, to be shared as a direct mailing.

This feature provides a convenient alternative to share your form, straight in the email, increasing your response rate.

Here’s how you add choice fields in an email:

Step 1. Start your form

Login to your MightyForms dashboard, then:

Step 2. Add a Choice Field

From the builder’s dashboard, select which Choice Field you want to add to your form, to be then embedded in an email. The options are located on the ‘Add Field’ menu on the left side and they are  Dropdown, Multiple Choice, Icons Choice, Single Choice, or Images Choice.

You can type in ‘choice’ in the search bar or scroll down to see the options. You can then either drag the Choice Field from the menu and drop it on the form, or you can click on the plus sign (+) beside each option to have that added.

Step 3. Edit and Customize your Choice Field

You can now edit the Choice Field selected and customize the output text. For this example, we have selected the Multiple Choice field as a simple survey question.

Once you’re done, click on the ‘Share’ button on the top right-hand corner.

Step 4. Generate and Copy the HTML Code

After you’ve clicked on the ‘Share’ button, you’ll be shown the MightyForms sharing options menu page. On the ‘Embed a choice field in an email’ window, select your newly created choice field from the dropdown menu.

You can also change the font you’d like to use.

Next, a preview of your Choice Field and its automatically generated shortcode will be shown. You can click on the ‘Copy’ button to have that shortcode copied and then paste it into the HTML of your email message, or send it to a developer.

That’s it! The recipients of your direct mailing will be able to reply to your Choice Field directly in the email. You’ll be able to see the answers submitted on your MightyForms dashboard just as usual.

Step 5. Insert the field to the email

  1. Go to your mailing service
  2. Start to edit your email
  3. Switch to Plain text mode in your editor
  4. Paste our code-block there

Step 6. Test it!

Once the user clicks on some choice in your email he/she will be redirected to the form itself with a pre-filled choice from the email.

Bonus: How to Add Choice Field HTML Shortcode to your Email Marketing

The Choice Field Embedded in an Email feature can be a great resource to reinforce your message and recover abandoned forms from your website. Learn more about our Abandoned Form Recovery

However, this feature can be more than just a backup for your main web form.

From loyalty programs to product or service reviews, surveys, polls, or even customer segmentation combining Logic Rules

If you’re looking for an immediate or targeted interaction with your audience, then the Choice Field in an Email can be more effective than driving them to your website.

All email marketing platforms allow for direct HTML editing, except for Gmail, which you’ll need an add-on. But no need to panic if you’re not familiar with HTML coding, most major platforms offer helpful tutorials to guide you:

MailChimp - If you’re running a direct mailing campaign on MailChimp, MightyForms makes it even easier to edit the email HTML with its native integration to all forms. On MailChimp’s website, you can find detailed instructions to add MightyForms shortcode to its Code Content Block

SendGrid - Not sure how to even start your email layout? SendGrid provides a comprehensive guide to non-coders.

We’d love to help you develop your direct mailing projects using our Embedded Choice Field feature. Send your questions via our Live Chat.
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