Set up Abandoned Form Recovery

Abandoned Form Recovery allows you to keep track of each new submission as the form is being filled out.

You can track each form’s performance and make adjustments anytime. Check which fields have the highest drop-off rates and automatically reach out to users that abandoned the form. You can also make sure that the data from abandoned forms get sent to your Integrations.

The first thing you need to do is log in to your MightyForms app.

1. Select Form

Either select an existing form from your dashboard or you can:

2. Go to Settings

With the selected form open, click on 'Settings'.

3. Scroll down to Advanced Settings

You then will enable the Recover Abandoned Forms. Switch it to 'On' to enable the feature.

If you want the data from  abandoned forms to be sent to your integrations, simply check the box.

4. Save changes

Click 'Save' to update the settings.

You'll see a 'Success' message pop-up to confirm that the changes have been successful.

5. Track on your Form's dashboard

And that's all you need to do!

Now whenever a new user interacts and starts answering your form, you'll see the data on your form's dashboard. The 'Status' column indicates whether the form was submitted, is in the process of being filled, or has been abandoned entirely.

Then you can send a notification reminding the user about the form, as long as they have filled the email address or phone field. Remember to include the Resume Link in your message. Learn more about the Autoresponder and Save & Resume.


Note: The Abandoned Form Recovery feature was formerly known as Real-time Data Capture.

Disclaimer: Regarding users who need to be GDPR compliant, we recommend to all MightyForms users to familiarize and review the forms they create and features activated within said forms to make sure the way that the data is processed meets GDPR requirements.
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