Dropdown: Import predefined lists for Choice Fields

Create your custom choice fields in seconds with MightyForms's predefined lists or Google Sheets integration.

Here's how you can edit choice fields:

A. Select from a predefined list of Countries, States or Months (available for the Dropdown field only).
B. Connect a choice field with a dynamic list from an existing Google Sheets document (available for Dropdown, Multiple Choice, and Single Choice)

You can interact and organize data submitted in real-time on the spreadsheet using this integration.

Pro tip: Manage all integrations through your My Apps tab.

1. Select a Form

To get started, log into the MightyForms app:

A. Select a Predefined List

2. Add the Dropdown field

Drag & drop or click + to add the Dropdown field from

3. Edit the Field's Advanced Settings

Select the field to open its settings. Scroll down to Advanced and click the Predefined Lists dropdown.

Choose between our list of countries, USA's States, and the calendar Months. (Want a ready-to-go list added? Tell us!).

Protip: Turn on Search for a better user experience.

B. To connect a choice field with a dynamic list from Google Sheets

2. Add a Choice field

The fields compatible with a Google Sheet dynamic list are: Dropdown, Multiple Choice, and Single Choice.

3. Connect to Google Sheets

Scroll down the field's settings and make sure that 'Dynamic list' is switched on. Then click on 'Connect google sheets'.

If your form is already connected to Google Sheets, then skip to step 7.

4. Add Integration to the form

Select Google Sheets from the dropdown list by clicking the 'Connect', then the 'Add' button.

5. Sign in to Google

A pop-up will open for you to log in to your Google account.

6. Allow integration

Give MightyForms permission to access your Google Drive by clicking 'Allow'.

7. Select an existing Sheet

Select the Google Sheet you want to use from the dropdown and determine a range (if any) to that you want to apply. If you don't want the heading to appear, select "Exclude Heading"

Give it a few moments to load, and soon the options will appear in your field options.

8. Edit more Settings

Make sure your Dropdown Choice field is fully ready to go live by making some extra adjustments, such as:

Basic Settings

  • Status: Choose if you want this field to accept a user submission, only be visible to users, or be invisible to users.
  • Required: Check this box so that your user can't submit the form before filling this field.
  • Show label: Check this box if you want your field label to show.
  • Label: Describe the information you need from your user (name, street address, job position, etc).
  • Description: You can add a more descriptive text here, it will show below the field in the published form.
  • Placeholder: Some text that shows on your field until your user fills it in.


  • Values: If you want to add your own choices, instead of a predefined list, you can add and edit them here.
  • Add "other" option: Allow a respondent to add their own answer. If this is switch ON, you can edit the Value text (default is "Other") and the Label (default is "Fill if "Other").

Choice Weights

You can set up each of the choices in your Choice field to have "weight" that shows up in your results.

Pro Tip: Use Choice Weights to calculate and quote prices in real-time.

Plus Advanced Settings, that include:

  • Predefined Lists: Import existing lists, as explained above.
  • Default Value: Select one of the choices to show as default.
  • Tooltip text: Add a message to your users when they hover their cursor over the tooltip symbol.
  • Search: Allow users to search for the choice they need.
  • Dynamic list: Import a list from Google Sheets, as explained above.
  • Field Key: Use this field key to pre-populate your online forms. Learn more.

Here's how some of these settings appear visually:

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