How to share an online form

After you create your awesome new form with MightyForms you can choose to add it to a web page

MightyForms offers quick links to share your form on popular social media platforms and gives your form a unique URL that you can use to send to your mailing list.

  1. Log into your MightyForms dashboard
Once you are logged into the MightyForms app, you can:

Note: Make sure to Publish your form, and click Update after any changes you make. We also recommend that the Autoresponder, Logic Rules, Integrations, etc. - are all set up before you share your form.

   2. Publish the form then click 'Share'

On the upper right corner of the screen you'll see the 'Publish' button, click on it to publish the most recent version of your form.

Then, right next to it, click 'Share'.

   3. Choose the social media you want to share it to

When you click 'Share' a pop-up window will show with the options on how you can share the form. 

Click on the icon of the popular social media of your choice. Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

A new tab will open on your browser with the social media of your choice, so you can login to your account and authorize the share.

   4. Share the form's URL

You can also choose to simply copy the form's URL to send to a mailing list, a group chat or a different social network.

You edit, open in a new tab, or copy the Direct link it simply by clicking 'Copy'. Then you can 'Paste' it onto your message and send it.

You can also embed a form field directly in a webpage or in an email message.
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