How to send submissions to specific emails based on submitted data

Simplify your onboarding processes by qualifying leads automatically. You can set up your forms to send submissions to specific team members based on the submitted data.

First, you need to be logged into your MightyForms App.

1. Select a form

Once there, you can:

2. Add a Hidden Email field and a Choice field

MightyForms doesn't limit how many fields you can add to your forms. However, for this process, you just need a qualifying field (a field that helps you determine who the submission gets sent to) and a hidden email field.

You need the email field to be filled in with your team member's email, so select the field and change its status to "Hidden".

The Single Choice field is the easiest way to qualify your leads through this process. So, for our example, a lead can select between Sales or Support.

3. Set up Logic Rules

You will need to create a Logic Rule for each qualification.

Once your form is set up, head over to Logic Rules. And click 'Add Another Rule'.

Set what triggers the Logic Rule:

IF: Select the Choice field

CONDITION: Select Is Equal To

VALUE: {{Add one Choice field option}}

Note that you can add more conditions to activate a Logic Rule if needed.

Set up the action

DO: Select Update, then Autofill

TARGET: {{Select the Hidden email field}}

Save and add a new Rule for each condition you want to create. For example, if the user selects the "Marketing" option, you need to create a new Rule for the hidden field to autofill with the marketer's email.

4. Set up Notifications

Now you need to make sure the email notification gets sent. Head over to the Notifications.

You can customize the data in your email notification

Remember to hit Save/Update Notification and Update your form.

That's it! The Logic Rules will make sure that the To email is properly set up to be sent to the correct team member.

Pro tip: take advantage of MightyForms's SMS Notifications and create Logic Rules so that your team leaders get notified of new clients right from their phones.

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