Calculate results of form submissions with Logic Rules

Step 1. Select your form

Login to your MightyForms dashboard, then:

Step 2. Prepare fields you want to add to the future formula

If you're going to use simple fields ie - Number, Price, Input - our future formula will use inputs from these fields directly.

Each option of such field-types as Dropdown, Multiple Choice, Icons Choice, Single Choice, Images Choice could have a specific numeric value. You should predefine it in the field's settings toolbar, "Choice Weights" section.

Step 3. Compose the Formula in Form Logic Rules

  1. Navigate to "Rules" on the left panel
  2. Click "Add Another Rule" button
  3. Set up the "If" section - what conditions will trigger the calculation. You can select more than one field and the conditions each needs to meet to trigger the Rule:

   4. At the "Then" section and select Calculate in Do dropdown

   5. Indicate the Target field, this means where to output results. It could be a visible or hidden field added to your form, depending on your needs.

   6. At this moment field for Formula composition will appear.

   7. So, you can set up Formula using Form fields from the dropdown, math operators, and figures.

   8. Save and test. Enjoy!

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