How to edit a form field's Basic and Advanced Settings

The Basic and Advanced settings of a field are unique to the type of field being customized.

Here's an example for an Input field.

1. Select a Form

To edit any field's Basic Settings in an online form you need to login to the MightyForms App, then:

2. Select Field

Make sure the Field you want to edit is selected so that its Settings options show in the builder’s toolbox to the right-hand side of your builder.

3. Edit Basic Settings

After you select the field you want to edit, select ‘Basic Settings’ where you can edit:

  • The Status: You can select a status for your field:

Editable is the default Status, which means the user can edit the answer in this field.

Read Only means the user can only view the field, but not edit the answer.

Hidden means the user will not be able to see the field and therefore will not be able to edit it.

  • The Label (or Field Title), i.e.: First Name, Last Name, E-mail, etc. Can be shown or hidden.
  • Description is where you can add more text that will appear below the field.
  • The Placeholder, that is, the text that will appear as an example for the user, but will disappear once the user selects the field to fill it in.

  • The Default Value for the field, if it’s an answer you anticipate or is simply an example, this is a value that will not disappear once the user selects the field.

NOTE: If you add a Default Value, you cannot add a Placeholder.

  • Select Required Field if you’d like this field to be mandatory for submissions.

4. Edit Advanced Settings

  • Enable 'Add More': Allows your user to input information more than once
  • Validators: Determine what kind of data is valid for the field (i.e.: numbers, numbers & letters, letters, etc.)
  • Max & Min Length: number of characters allowed for input
  • Tooltip Text: here you can add a short text to help the user fill in the field correctly.

  • Select icon: Add an icon to your field. Click 'Select icon' to browse our selection, you can also search for a particular icon by searching for it with keywords.

  • Field Key: Use this unique field key for automation. Learn more.
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