How to add and edit a Signature Field

The signature field is perfect for digital documents or contracts that you publish using MightyForms. Your users can fill out and sign your online forms with this simple field.

1. Select a Form

Login to your MightyForms dashboard, then:

2. Drag & Drop Signature Field

To add a signature field look to the left corner of the page where your builder toolbox is, and either scroll until you find it, or type 'Signature' in the search box.

Once you find it, simply select, drag and drop the field where you want it on the form.

Feel free to resize it any way you like.

4. Customize Settings

To edit the field, select it by clicking on it once. Its Basic and Advanced Settings will show on a toolbox on the right-hand corner of the builder.

  • Status: Make the field editable for users, or invisible.
  • Required: Make the field required, so users can't submit the form without completing it.
  • Show Label: Add or remove the label over the field.
  • Label: Give a different name to your field. For example: 'Sign here', 'Your Signature', 'Signature', etc.
  • Placeholder: Add a placeholder value as an example to your user.
  • Input type: Choose between Draw Signature (user draws their signature with their cursor) and Type Signature (user types out their signature with their keyboard)
  • Enable Upload Signature: Check this box to allow your users to upload a file of their e-signature.
  • Tooltip text: Add a quick text explaining the field to your users. This pops up when they hover their cursor of the tooltip symbol:

Learn about Notifications to send a PDF copy of every signed form submission to yourself and your clients.

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