Address: Include Google Places Autocomplete

Google Places Autocomplete is a time-saving tool that allows your users to quickly fill out an address by allowing Google to give suggestions based on their input.

It's a simple On/Off switch that you can find in the advanced settings of the Address field.

1. Select Form

To enable Google Autocomplete you need to login to MightyForms App, then:

Select an existing form from your dashboard
Create a new form from scratch
Select one of the Templates.
or Transfer an existing form

2. Add the Address field

Search for and add the address field to your form. For a faster setup you can use the Address kit.

Using the form's Builder tools you can reshape, resize, and reposition your form fields.

3. Switch ON Google autocomplete

Select the Address field and scroll down to Advanced settings. Switch Google Autocomplete ON.

Preview the form to test.

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