The companies we share data with to offer a better MightyForms

MightyForms takes data security and data privacy very seriously. We never share data unnecessarily, and we choose our partners carefully to be sure they meet our security standards. This is a list of the apps we may share your data with, and why.

For storage, computation, & backup

These are the tools we use to make sure MightyForms works smoothly and data is kept safe.
They receive all or partial user personal data.

For analytics

We use these tools to make sure we can pinpoint potential improvements in our service.
These receive completely anonymized user data.
These may receive user personal data.

For subscription management

To best process your payments and keep your account & billing details safe, we use these tools.
These receive user personal data, such as billing info.

For customer success

From giving you quick answers, sending you newsletters, or important account communication, we use these tools.
These receive user personal data, such as name and email.

Read more in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, or contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected].
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