How to create a conversational or multi-step form

Choosing between creating a traditional form format or a more conversational approach can affect your submission rate.

Whether you want a form that shows one question at a time or separate your form into sections, MightyForms makes it super easy to build multi-step forms.

1. Select the form

You can change an existing form into steps, create the conversational form from scratch, or use a template.

So log into your MightyForms app, then:

Select an existing form from your dashboard
Create a new form from scratch
Select one of the Templates.
Or Transfer an existing Form.

The form needs at least 2 fields to become a multi-step form. Each step can have more than one field.
There are two ways to add steps into a form, in this manual we will consider both, they have the same effect and result.

Way 1:
2A. Add steps
Split the form into steps using "splitter" in the place where the form has to be divided into steps:
Split the form

3A. Name the steps
After splitting the form into steps give a logical and meaningful name to each step: 
Name the steps

Way 2:
2B. Add steps
The second way to add a step to a form is to add Form Step Field from the left side menu, red fields, by drag and dropping it into a place where the step has to be added:
Step field

3B. Name the steps
After adding the Step Field give meaningful names to each step: 
Drag and drop Step Field and name the steps

4. How to merge, hide, delete step
In the top right part of each step, there is a menu that allows manipulating the steps on your form.
How to manipulate the step
Merge with the step above - delete the step itself, but leave all the fields from step in the form, actually it "sticks" the step to the step above.
Merge with the step above
Hide progress bar/Show progress bar - actually hide/show the progress bar itself and labels also.
Progress bar
Hide steps labels/Show steps labels - hide/show a label of the step on which it was selected.

Hide this step/Show this step - hide/show the step for users of the form. Can be used with logic rules, in case if some hidden fields are required to arrange the logic, but not necessary for form filler.
Step 2 is hidden now

Delete step - DELETE ALL THE FIELDS in the step, and step itself.

5. How to set up Duplicate Step
Duplicate Step functionality is described here.

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