How do I change or translate error messages?

There is no possibility to edit or customize error messages.

IMPORTANT: The text in error messages are generated according to validators and required fields.
There is no need to translate or customize error messages, it is translated automatically to users language by checking the browser's language settings.

After the form with Required or Validated fields is published, error messages will pop up in case if the input does not match the Required condition or Validation.

How to make a field Required?

When building All fields of online form that asks the user to fill in some kind of Information (Text, Number, Email, Phone, Price, URL, Long Text, Address, Data/Time, Dropdown, Multiple Choice, Icons Choice, Single Choice, Images Choice, etc.) have the option to make it REQUIRED:

Required: Check this box so that your user can't submit the form before filling this field.

How to make sure that respondents can only respond in Number or Text, etc.?

In some cases you can edit specific Validators for the Input fields:

Validators: Help your respondents provide the right information by only permitting certain types of characters.

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