How to see the Referral URL for a form

1. Select a Form

Once you are logged into the MightyForms app, you can select an existing form from your dashboard.

Be sure that your form has been published and was made available to your respondents.

2. Go to Submissions

After you select a form, the app will open directly in the Builder tab. Select the Submissions tab.

Now you can see your form data broken down into 3 categories: Results, Reports, and Analytics. We'll detail each one, but first-

3. Set date parameters

Make sure that the data displayed is within the period of time that you want to check.

MightyForms automatically sets the period to the last 7 days, so if your form didn't get views or submissions, you may not see any data. Select the dropdown over at Choose a period to select a date range.

4. Edit Columns

Click edit columns and select the Referral URL column

There you go! Now you can see the URL of the page where your embedded form was submitted from.

Pro tip: You can also see the Source URL over at Form Analytics.

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