How to Invite Friends for the Referral Program and Collect Rewards

Are you impressed by how easy it is to build powerful forms with MightyForms and would like to recommend it to other people? We’ll gladly reward you and your referral as a token of our appreciation.

What you get:

After your referral signs up for a paid plan, you BOTH get a free month of the same plan.

What if my referral chooses a plan below mine?

Are you a Business user and your friend chose the Pro plan? No worries! You get the value of the plan your friend chooses discounted from your next payment.

What if my referral chooses a plan above mine?

Are you a Starter user and your friend chose the Pro+ plan? Lucky you! You still get the monthly value of the chosen plan as a Referral Credit. Your Credit will pay for subsequent months automatically until it runs out.

Here’s how to join MightyForms Referral Program:

  1. Log in to your MightyForms account
  2. From the main Dashboard, access the Referral Program.

   3. Simply click on the ‘Copy Link’ button to copy your personal invitation link, so you can paste it and share it as you like. If you’d prefer, click on the icon below the link field for direct connection to your email, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, or Whatsapp accounts.

That’s it! Your personal link has a customized code on its URL that will connect it to your MightyForms account. All you need to do now it’s to follow up if your friends used your link and decided to become a mighty builder themselves by signing up for any of our paid plans.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see your Referrals board, so you can track how many friends have accepted your recommendation, the status of each, and your reward balance. You can even track the origin of your referrals, if it was from email, Whatsapp, or social media platforms.

Now it’s time to get rewarded for your power of influence and invite friends to try the powerful form solutions by MightyForms!
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