How to use Mightyforms with Cloudflare

Add your Form to the Website

Cloudflare is a free CDN type product that protects against threats such as SQL injection and identity theft,
improves site performance and speeds up loading times.

Another element of Cloudflare is the adaptability, of the product to the everyday webmaster.
Let’s consider that you need to embed the form created with MightyForms into existing website.
Just use the plugin straight from your Cloudflare account without any copy/paste!
This eliminates worries about any missing tags, or risking any downtime by embedding the code.

   1. Login to your Cloudflare account, and choose** your website**. Go to Apps tab.

   2. In a search bar type MightyForms, choose MightyForms application.

   3. Press preview on your site:

   4. Press MightyForms Login or Register...

   5. Allow MightyForms to access your Cloudflare account:

   6. From a drop down menu choose your form, which have to be added to a website:

   7. Choose location where form have to be added:

   8. Press Install on all pages:

   9. Allow permissions:

   10. After that you will be redirected to Your Installed app page:

Now your form is on a website, enjoy it!

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