Sendgrid Integration

Create A Professional Lead Generation Form and integrate it with a powerful mailing service to reach your customers with the best offers and engaging materials.

MightyForms is a simple-to-use form builder that allows building complete and fully automated forms in just a few minutes, all thanks to its drag-and-drop system. Your high-performing forms can be adjusted with the precise and necessary design and features in no time, allowing you to create beautiful and professional-looking forms. Drag and drop, resize and rearrange any field that you need in your form, add your logo, company’s name. You can include in your Lead Generation Form such fields:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail
  • Alternate Emails
  • Address
  • City
  • Country
  • Postal Code
  • State Province Region

SendGrid integration allows automatically add contacts to SG mailing lists upon a form submissions.

SendGrid provides a cloud-based service that assists businesses with email delivery. The service manages various types of emails, including shipping notifications, friend requests, sign-up confirmations, and email newsletters.

So to integrate your MightyForm with SendGrid follow the next steps:

1. Select a form:
Once you are logged into the MightyForms app, you can:

2. Get SendGrid API key:
You will need it in the next step to connect the form with SendGrid.

Log in to your SendGrid account, or create a new one.
SendGrid Sign In

In the SendGrid account go to Settings (Bottom left side of the screen), submenu API keys, press Create API Key (top right corner of the screen) to generate API Key. If you already have SendGrid API Key you can skip this step.
Create new API Key
Give a descriptive name to your API key
Next, you will see a screen with API Key created.
IMPORTANT: Please copy this key and save it somewhere safe. For security reasons, it cannot be shown again.
Key is shown once at the moment of creation, later it will not be accessible from the SG interface.
Copy key in a safe place

3. Connect form with a SendGrid:
Click on the form to select the ‘Integrations’ option from the menu on the left side of the screen.
Integrations option
In the search field type SendGrid, press the "+ ADD" button.
Find SendGrid, press "+ ADD"
In the API key field insert your API key saved on STEP 2.
Paste API key

4. Set up a mailing list:
In SendGrid Contact List ID field choose the contact list you want to reach out.
Choose SendGrid contact list
This field will get contact lists from your Sendgrid account => Marketing => Contacts
SendGrid contact list

5. Map form fields with SendGrid fields:
To map fields of the form with SendGrid, choose from dropdown lists values that should match.
To add a new match press the" + " button.
Press the "Save" button when you are done.

Now integration is completed, after form submission, the SendGrid Contact list will be populated with values from your form.
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