How to publish your online form

You can publish your Mighty form with just a click. On the upper right corner of your page, you'll see the button 'Publish', click it.

A success message will appear on the upper right corner, confirming that your form is published.

And if you go to your form's dashboard, you'll see that it's labeled as published.

Only after you publish a form can you share" class="csh-markdown csh-markdown-image">](<a href=

Only after you publish a form can you share"/>
, embed it on a webpage, or [embed it in an email

Reasons your form might not publish:

a. You've added features that are not included in your subscription

MightyForms promises to help you build truly powerful forms. That said, we do need our users' support in order to keep improving our builder.

That is why some of our more powerful features are reserved for specific premium plans. 

When you click 'Publish', a pop-up message appears letting you know that you've added features to your form that are not part of your plan:

Click on 'See details' and you'll see a list of the features that you've added to your form that aren't in your plan.

Now that you know what you need, click on 'See Plans'. You will be redirected to the Billing section of your Profile, where you can compare plans and select a new plan that includes the features you need:

You also can learn more about what is included in each plan over at our Pricing page.

b. There aren't any fields on your form

It's not possible to publish a form without any fields. Learn more about how to build your form
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