So you need to translate your forms, depending on a user. We get it. Although at this time we don't have an internal feature to automatically translate your forms - we worked with Weglot to make this possible.

Here are the requirements:

Weglot Account

MightyForms Business account

Google Tag Manager

Check out our quick video tutorial or follow the step-by-step below:

Auto translating embedded form

Step 1. Create a Google Tag Manager

Create a Google Tag Manager

Step 2. Add the new Tag and use Custom HTML as tag type.

Copy the Weglot code to your Custom HTML tag. Add "hide_switcher: true" to hide the switcher in iframe.

Example code:

Example GTM tag:

Step 3. Save your tag and hit Publish button.

Go through the steps to publish your GTM container. Copy your GTM container number (Example: GTM-xxxxxxx) and go to your MightyForm.

Step 4. Update the form

Go to your MightyForm > Settings > Google Tag Manager and add GTM container number. Update the form.

Step 5. Update your website Weglot code

Update your website Weglot code to include iframe translation. translate_iframes: "#iframe-id", ".my-little-iframe"


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