Setting up an order form with MightyForms is easy-peasy.

Before you get started, note that this integration you need have a MightyForms Pro or Pro+ subscription, and an active Stripe account with listed products.

Step 1. Start your form

Login to your MightyForms dashboard. Here you can:

Step 2. Add the Stripe Payments Field

With your form displayed in the Builder, head over to the toolbox on the left.

You can scroll down the list, or search for the "Stripe Payments" field. Select it, then drag & drop it anywhere in your form.

Step 2.1. Connect the Stripe account

Still on the Builder, select the Stripe Payments field. The field's unique settings will pop-up on the right side of the Builder.

Click on the "Connect Stripe" button to integrate your MightyForms form with your Stripe account.

You'll be redirected to the authorization tab. Sign in to your Stripe account to confirm the integration with MightyForms.

After authorization, you should select the Account you want to connect to your form and click "Connect my Stripe Account" button.

Once you confirm the connection with the Stripe account you'll be automatically redirected back to the MightyForms Builder.

Step 3. Add products from your Stripe inventory to sell them via the Form

In the Section "Product settings" you can pick specific products and their prices. Select each Product + Price pair and click "Add Item". If you need to make updates to your products in Stripe - click "Refresh items" to force synchronization again.

Step 4. Organize layout, set limits, test your form

On side of the builder, you can additionally setup:

  • how many products possible to buy per one submission
  • the layout of products' output - list or table, info to show
  • customize a product card look

Check out some of our examples:

During setup, you can test your form in preview mode using Stripe Testing Cards.

Step 5. Share your Form

So, you're ready to go with the live form! Send a link to your customers or place it directly to your website.

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