Adding Logic Rules to your forms helps you create a more personalized experience for each submission.

Also know as Logic Jumps, Conditional Logic, Conditional questions or fields, and so on, Logic Rules are very easy to set up on MightyForms.

Right now we have the Show/Hide rule active, but you can see the future functionalities you can activate with your Logic Rules:

Show/Hide Rule

1. Select or create a form

Login to your MightyForms dashboard. Here you can:

2. Add all fields you need

You create Logic Rules in your form's Settings. So make sure that every field you need is already saved in your form.

Create the fields that should show or hide, then click 'Save & Publish'.

3. Go to Settings

On the upper menu of your form builder, select 'Settings'

You can also go straight to Logic Rules via our quick New feature link.

4. Add Another Rule

5. Select Field, Condition and Value

Here you can see two steps: IF and THEN.

On IF you set up all the conditions that a field needs to have to trigger a Logic Rule.

For this example, let's create a condition that depends on the user responding 'Yes' to 'Have you ever worked for this company?'.

This means that the field condition needs to be 'Equal to' and the Value needs to be 'Yes'.

Now for THEN, I need to simply select that I want the Show/Hide functionality and I want the form to Show the next field:

Notice that you can add more fields to be shown. And if you need to, you can also hide fields depending on the answer given.

Go to your Settings right now and try out Logic Rules

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