Google Data Studio is an incredible tool that allows you to gather data from multiple sources into a comprehensible dashboard. Here's how you can add you Mighty Form's data to it.

1. Integrate with Google Sheets or Google Analytics

The easiest way to integrate your form's data with Google is first making sure you have either of these tools integrated:

2. Sign in to your Data Studio account

Go to and sign in. 

Create a Blank Report:

3. Select to connect with Analytics and/or Sheets

You can, of course, include both Analytics and Sheets data. Simply select the one you want to add first from the list.

Make sure you authorize Data Studio to connect these accounts.

  • Google Sheets: Browse your Drive account for the Sheet document created after you get a submission to your Mighty Form that's integrated with Google Sheets.
  • Google Analytics: Select the Property already connected to your Mighty Form.

Click 'Add'. A pop-up will ask you to confirm the source of data you want to add to the report, click 'Add to Report'.

4. Customize your report

Data from your Google Sheet will automatically show up as a Table, you can customize what fields' submissions you want to appear and in which style:

5. Add additional Data sources

If you want to add data from other sources, or even upload your CSV export of form submissions. Go to File > Report settings

You can quickly add sources connected to your Google Account, or see more options by clicking 'New Data Source'

Learn how you can add more data capturing tools to your online form and more powerful integrations.

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