Keeping your forms' completion rate high becomes more of a challenge the longer your form is. So why not simplify the process by creating forms that can be pre-filled with the appropriate data?

There are two ways you can create pre-populating forms.


A. Form to Form: If you need to redirect a customer from one MightyForm to another MightyForm, and want to save their time from copy-pasting typical data;

B. 3rd party service/app: If you're sending newsletters with 3rd party services and want to redirect customers to MightyForm with partially filled data.

A. Form to Form:

To transfer data between submission of the first form to pre-fill fields of the second form you'll need to prepare:

a) a donor form - where data will be taken from;

b) a destination form - where data will be put to;

c) compose a redirect URL from Donor Form to Destination Form.

1. Select or create a 'destination form' where the pre-filled data will be added to

Login to your MightyForms dashboard. Here you can:

2. Select or create a 'donor form' from where data will be taken from

3. Use default field-keys of the destination form and customize them to look cute

Each field where your customer can make some input has a Field-key code that you can find in the field's toolbar in the builder.

4. Go to Settings in the donor form and compose a redirect URL

Select the donor form. Navigate to Form Settings >> Success >> Redirects.

Right under the Success Page Settings, you'll see the Redirect Settings. This is where you can add the link to the destination form so that customers are redirected there right after they submit the donor form.

You'll need to add a few details to the form's URL so that it includes the pre-filling data. This is what it'll look like, URL example:[Email]&firstName=[FirstName]

Let's break that down and understand all elements we have in the example:

[1] Direct Link/URL of the destination form. Here's how you can find your form's Direct Link.

[2] "?" - it indicates the end of the URL resource path and the start of the query parameters

[3] "customer-email" - field-key of the field you want to pre-fill, just an example

[4] "=" specify a source (system shortcode) or static data

[5] [Email] - short-code of the needed field which data you want to reuse of donor form

[6] Use "&" - to add other fields, then repeat the steps [3]+[4]+[5]

B. 3rd party Service to Form

You can also pre-fill data using 3rd party Services data, for example - mailing service.

Let's say you're preparing a newsletter, and want to invite your clients to fill a feedback form, and you want them to see their First/Last names + Emails prefilled. Easy! The process is even simpler.

You need to prepare a donor MightyForm, take field-keys and compose URL using shortcodes for Name/Email in the format your mailing service provides them.

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