Especially if you want to share your online form on its own, it's nice to have the URL carry your brand.

MightyForms make is possible to make a URL incredibly unique, like this one:

This shows your Shared Username plus your customized form URL ID.

Here's how:

The first thing you need to do is log in to your MightyForms app.

To change your Shared Username, go to your Profile settings. On the upper right corner you can see your profile icon, then select Profile from the dropdown menu.

Then scroll down to Shared Username. You can choose to change and save your shared Username. Make sure it's all in Lower Caps!

1. Select form

Once you are logged in, you can either create a new form, or select an existing form from your dashboard

Note: Make sure to make any changes you need to the form. Personalize the design, set up integrations and notifications before publishing.

2.  Publish the form then click 'Share'

On the upper right corner of you'll see the 'Publish' button, click it to publish the most recent version of your form.

Then, right next to it, click 'Share'.

3. Under Share URL, click Edit

You automatically have a unique URL for your form. Click the Edit icon to customize it.

4. Write your own URL and hit Save

Make sure you don't have any spaces in your URL id. This reduces the chances of error.

That's it! Now simply Share your form with its customized URL to the world.

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