Whether you want a form that shows one question at a time, or separate your form into sections, MightyForms makes it super easy to build multi-step forms.

1. Select the form 

You can change an existing form into steps, create the conversational form from scratch or use a template.

So log into your MightyForms app and open the form you want to change into a multi-step form.

The form needs at least 2 fields to become a multi-step form. Each step can have more than one field.

2. Enable and name the steps

Make sure you are editing the form on the Builder section.

On the right hand corner of the form, you'll see the step symbol:

Click it to split your form in that section, then you can even name each step, like so:

How to merge or delete a step?

If you change your mind about having your form as multi-step, you can merge the fields again by clicking on the three dots on the right hand corner and selecting 'Merge with the step above'. Like so:

If you want to simply delete a step, select 'Delete step'.

Learn more about how to use the Form Builder and Form Design to personalize and empower your new multi-step form.

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