Choosing between creating a traditional form format or a more conversational approach can affect your submission rate.

Whether you want a form that shows one question at a time or separate your form into sections, MightyForms makes it super easy to build multi-step forms.

1. Select the formĀ 

You can change an existing form into steps, create the conversational form from scratch, or use a template.

So log into your MightyForms app and open the form you want to change into a multi-step form.

The form needs at least 2 fields to become a multi-step form. Each step can have more than one field.

2. Enable and name the steps

Make sure you are editing the form on the Builder section.

On the right-hand corner of the form, you'll see the step symbol:

Click it to split your form in that section, then you can even name each step, like so:

How to merge or delete a step?

If you change your mind about having your form as multi-step, you can merge the fields again by clicking on the three dots on the right-hand corner and selecting 'Merge with the step above'. Like so:

If you want to simply delete a step, select the 'Delete step'.

Learn more about how to use the Form Builder and Form Design to personalize and empower your new multi-step form.

How to change the step icon color?

For active step (tab) color, use Global Settings > Primary Active Color

For inactive step (tab) color, use Placeholders > Font Color

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