1. Select Form

To edit a form’s design you need to login to MightyForms App and, either create a new form, or select an existing form that you’ve created from your dashboard.

If you selected an existing form, click 'Edit Form'.

2. Add and customize fields

Using the form's Builder tools, drag & drop the fields you need.

This is where you can reshape, resize, and reposition your form fields. Remember to also edit each field's settings so they are optimized to your needs.

3. Go to Design

On the header of your builder dashboard, you can see the Design tab. Click it.

4. Choose a Theme

The quickest way to customize a form's design is to select an existing theme.

On the left side of your form builder, you can see your Themes menu. You can apply an existing theme to your form, either from MightyForms or one of your saved themes.

Note: When selecting a theme, your current design choices will be overwritten and cannot be undone. You'll be asked to confirm this.

Once you are satisfied, click 'Publish' to save your work and publish it.

5. Choose Font

On the right side of your form builder, you'll see the Global settings. The first choice is to select the font.

Scroll up and down to choose a new font. This affects Labels, Placeholders, and Default Values.

6. Choose Font Color

You can choose a color visually, by clicking on it, or add the color code HEX or RGB. Once selected, click 'Confirm'.

7. Choose Primary Active Color

Choose the primary active color on your form, this affects buttons. Simply select the color visually, or input the color code and click 'Confirm'.

8. Determine Row Margin

Decide how much space you want in between form fields.

There are three kinds of field styles you can choose from. Preview how each one will look like and choose the one you want to add.

10. Edit Label Float

Your fields' labels 'float' over the answer always, or stay in the place of the placeholder.

Learn more about how to create your own personal webform design.

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