Accepting Files through an online form is one of the most practical ways to automate your workflow. With MightyForms you can limit the size of the file, make sure it's a certain type and all your file submissions go straight to your Google Drive or Dropbox cloud via native integration.

Here's how you can create this workflow:

1. Select a form

First thing you need to do is login to your MightyForms app.

Once there, you can either create a new form or select an existing form from your dashboard

2. Go to Settings

With the selected form open, click on 'Settings'.

3. Go to Integrations

Then click on 'Integrations'. Here is where you'll connect your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

4. Connect with Google Drive or Dropbox

When you click 'Connect' you simply have to sign in and allow MightyForms to access your files and folders.  There are specific tutorials on how to integrate your Google Drive account or your Dropbox account if you want to see more details. 

5. Go back to the form 

Once you've integrated with one of those Cloud services, go back to your form's dashboard by selecting 'Project View' from the breadcrumbs on the left.

6. Click 'Edit'

Then click on 'Edit' from the options to the right.

7. Add the 'Upload File' field

To add a File Upload field look to the left corner of the page where your builder toolbox is. Under Basic Fields, you'll find the File Upload field, select it and drag and drop wherever you want it in your form.

8. Set up 'Upload File' properties

Select the File Upload field once it's in your form and you'll see it's properties on the toolbox. 

Turn 'On' the integration with the cloud server of your choice and select the folder you want the submissions to be sent to.

Name the label for this field, a placeholder text, and the button text. If you need every form submission to have a file uploaded, remember to check the box to make this a Required Field.

Right under that, you'll see the Advanced Settings. Where you can choose if you want the field label to show or not, choose what kind of files you would accept and the maximum file size you can accept.

MightyForms has a pre-listed some forms of the file you could accept. You can customize exactly the kind of files you want by selecting 'Custom' and writing the type of file you want underneath.

It will automatically activate the connected account and send the files/documents to the root folder unless you change it.

Note: if you have both a Google Drive and a Dropbox account integrated, simply select the one you want this particular set of submitted files to be sent to.

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