You can create an online PDF filling form that automatically inserts the data submitted on your web form. You can test out our online PDF filling form feature by filling out this form we created, you'll receive the filled PDF in your e-mail: Test PDF filling form.

However, the format of the data inserted will be according to how you edited the fillable PDF. So you might see your PDF form being filled with a completely different font and font size, looking something like this:

Here's how you can make sure that your PDF form is filled out with the right font, font size, and even font color.

Step 1 - Create your form document

If you don't have a PDF form already, you can create it on any word processing application such as Word, Open Office, or Google Docs. Just be sure to leave blank spaces for your form fields.

Make sure to Save or Download your document as a PDF:

Step 2 - Create a fillable form in Acrobat

Open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. On the upper left corner select File > Create > Create Form.

Since you just created your form document, simply click on 'Select a file' and select the form document you created.

Now you can add and edit the form fields yourself or Adobe will auto-detect them.

Step 3 - Customize the fillable form's design

Double click on the form field you want to edit. A pop-up will appear where you can edit the field's  general aspects:

Then go to the 'Appearance' tab to change the field's borders and colors, and the text's font, font size, and color according to your preference.

Save the form:

Then use it to create your online PDF filling form with MightyForms.

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